You can’t take what must be left behind

Yeah, I am definitely being pestered and strangled by the cold now. Not a good time especially when this is the crucial period of meeting people for the first time and shaking their hands.

So I’m meeting a lot more people now, getting a bit busier lately, getting less time to wallow in what-am-I-doing-here-knowing-nobody pits. I’ve attended two lectures so far; I have this feeling that I have forgotten how to do this sort of thing now (sort of thing referring to university-level academic performance et al.)

I actually still dream about Beijing when I’m asleep. Curiously I don’t see the people or the places anymore. It’s gone to another level; it’s gone figurative. As in I dream about other people whom I do not recognize but whom I am aware are symbolic of the people I know in Beijing. Like dreaming in a way similar to writing a story about your life but having it played by fictional characters. Very odd.

I stil wake up in Sydney and immediately think, “What am I doing here?” though. It’s extremely annoying. Move on, move on, time to move on…


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