My words, I ate them for so long that nothing changed

Seems like it should rain everytime I move.

Yeah, I’m moving (e.g. suitcases et al) again. To another room down the hallway, because an American exchange student is moving to mine. The College wants to keep the 4C group all-girls, so they thought it would be better to offer me the guest flat in 4C instead of having the new guy move in to the girls group.

This room is HUGE. It is twice the size of a double room in the BLCU dormitories. It includes a double bed, a sofa, an office desk, four windows, an ensuite bathroom, a standing lamp, and room enough to fit four friends overnight. With no extra charge. What a killer situation.
Ah, transience of life. Funny how I’ve only been here for barely two weeks and I already shaken a friend’s hand goodbye. The Singaporean guy who vacated the guest flat was a newfound friend of mine leaving for Oxford. He’s been in UNSW for a long time and he knows how the school works, told me how to get involved in my department, how to sit-in classes, et al. He’s hilarious, extremely witty, and I think everyone in the dorm/College knows him. Always great to have him in the same table as you during meals. A day before he left I told him I should have met him earlier. He said, Well, there’s a lot of things you can’t control in life. And I said, Though sometimes luck just falls on your lap, like your room. Last thing he told me when he left this afternoon was to keep writing.


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