What is comfort?

Comfort is four o’clock in the afternoon, stretched out on the sofa in a sweater, in the mild winter of Sydney, the window open. Pick up Milton’s Paradise Lost, then doze off after two minutes. Wake up to find the book lying flat on your stomach and look at the sun beginning to set and remember that you still have a long way to go. The moment shall not remain forever. It’s half-past four and it’s time to get that one-dollar gelato.


5 thoughts on “What is comfort?

  1. LOL. Yeah, I’m a bit worried about that, having too much time to kill. I don’t have a lot of classes.

    For some reason, WordPress keeps thinking your comments are spam. I have to de-spam them everytime. It’s very odd.

  2. uwaw~!!! so now you’re in sydney!? the life you are living seems to be so so different from ours, but then i guess that’s what makes it so interesting! teehee~

    keep writing swordee and i’ll keep on reading too. you take care girl! :p

  3. Kristine-nee! Great to see ya here! Thanks for dropping by! *hugs* Enjoy life in Manila!

    Hehe, glad to be of inspiration, Roman! Tell me when you post your new work of art!

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