Insert something witty here, I’m too tired to think

Just came back from my class. I actually feel tired, I don’t know why. I mean, given how light my study load is, this should really just be a breeze. Maybe because it just started raining again.

I do like the feeling though. Getting a bit exhausted over schoolwork. At least it suggests I’m actually getting my money’s worth of education. I have a lot of big fat readings to go through, writing exercises to do, a presentation to prepare, and two portfolios to think of….actually spent a big part of today doing a writing exercise. Easiest way to describe it is that it’s a collage of bits and pieces like airport tickets, receipts, voicemail et al that come together to make a (semi)coherent narrative. That I didn’t finish.

But I do like how my lecturer gives us structured experimental suggestions. I can say that our writing exercises really do force me to see what styles one is capable of writing in and to push that. I’ve never written in styles like those before, so I really do feel that I’m learning a lot. And it’s only been the first month.
Feel like curling up in bed already, and it’s only 8:47pm. And I have a mountain of readings to start in time for tomorrow’s class.

Definitely not going to the 10pm supper tonight.


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