A semblance of good time management

Tomorrow’s going to be a full day. I’m going to the city to attend a seminar on “Hamlet, Revenge and Christian Forgiveness” at 12:30pm; it’s not an academic requirement, but I think I’d get something out of it for my research paper for my essay on Hamlet at the end of the term.

Then *drumroll* I’m watching Cirque du Soleil’s Varekai at 4pm. Cirque du Soleil’s a French-Canadian acrobatic troupe; I watched their Alegria in Hong Kong years and years before and I was so blown away. Hope the style and surrealism of it all gives me a bit of a spark for my portfolio, which my lecturer had been reminding us about and which is so unpromising right now. Now the only problem is getting lost at Moore Park looking for the tent.

Afterwards I got dinner at the Lees’ place with the Bible study gang. I had steamboat there before; again, I am having trouble remembering where their apartment is, exactly. I am so hopeless.

Full day. Which is why I have to do all my studying this afternoon (preparation of presentation and assessment of Chapter 3 of J. Martin Evans’ Milton’s Imperial Epic: Paradise Lost and the Discourse of Colonialism, to say the least) because our College Revue is tonight, which I’m going to watch.


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