The Day of Judgment Cometh


Well, a week’s worth of stressing over reasoning, arguments, outlines, and historicism, will be coming to fruition tomorrow at 5pm when I give my presentation in my Literary History class. Take into mind that I have only three courses in this semester, and the presentation takes 30% of my mark. Now I’ve done countless presentations before during university in the Philippines, except that they were undergraduate presentations, just one out of a million ways to get a good mark, and they usually involved a report on a certain piece and my interpretation of it. This here is a masters’ level presentation, 30% in one throw, and it involves my “assessment of the accuracy” of a literary criticism book written as a critique of Milton’s Paradise Lost. Can you feel the walls closing in? I certainly do.

Anyway, I finished the outline last night and I just have to start practicing the thing and cutting down if it goes over 15 minutes.

(Basically, my point is that the critic took the wrong approach and fails to justify the relevance of such an interpretation to a deeper understanding of the work.)

(Now isn’t that just bursting with specificity?)


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