Come with me, I’ll take you there

There are times when I think I can walk forever. My mother always said my legs were made for walking. Long strident steps, confident strides, heel in and out, scattering dirt. I walk in the daze of happiness, of disappointment, to keep myself from losing the clarity of mind to the feeling.

I long for roads that go forever, extending the longer I walk on them, grass growing on the sides when my soles tire of the asphalt. The company I keep with the road soothes me. It’s the only place where I can lose myself to the mind, my eyes see nothing, my ears hear only the blood rushing,  the whole system dies and it’s only the rhythm of my footsteps keeping me alive. Thump thump thump.  I thank God for knowing that we need feet. Think whatever you want, it’s all you need to do.

I wish I can go walking now.


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