A bit nauseous

Urg. I think I got a bad dose of coffee this afternoon. Stomach doesn’t feel so good. The coffee is swilling around there, having one heck of a time wreaking havoc. *groan* So I went walking after dinner to see if it can get things moving. Not so much. I ate an apple. Nil. Didn’t finish it. It’s oxidizing here on my desk. I’m trying to critique the short stories for next week’s workshops but my head keeps jumping ahead the story making all sorts of assumptions, so I can’t quite assess if the author’s technique is working in the story. Grg. And I’m so completely FLAT OUT of ideas to write for the commentaries. (Yes, this is how I spend my Saturday nights. Thrilling, isn’t it?) My head is so completely out of range right now.

Our writing lecturer sent this email to the class:

Since we are now well and truly into workshopping, and there is a week off after next week’s classes, I have decided it is time for us all to go out for a drink.

The consumption of alcohol at public bars is an important element of the workshopping process as it facilitates a more open and productive pedagogical environment and helps foster a greater sense of community.

Your attendance at after-class drinks next week is a requirement of the course and will be worth ten percent of your overall grade. Remember that failure to satisfactorily complete any single assessment component may result in an overall failure for the course.




2 thoughts on “A bit nauseous

  1. Sounds like you need a dose of squirrels. Go out and harass some. Kangaroos and other local fauna also acceptable. Change of venue recommended.

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