Went for a hike at the Blue Mountains with some friends. Loads of fun and mud, and I got to board and unboard from the train on a rural station in the middle of nowhere. Just like in the books. LOL.

Just a few choice pictures from this month.

A shot of Coogee Bay when I went trying very discreetly to pick shells. It’s harder than expected.

Armageddon over the Sydney Harbour Bridge on the way to Manly Wharf on the ferry.

Sydney Harbour Bridge at sunset on the way back. I think I burned my camera lens.

I love this. I took this today after we went down from the mountain. This was around half past two in the afternoon; there was a lake (either that or a huge pond) and ducks and the sun was shining all over the place. It was glorious. And yes, those are my hiking boots.


2 thoughts on “Picturesque

  1. Hard to pick discreetly. I wasn’t sure if it was allowed; it’s a reserve and there was this list at the front about all the stuff that can’t be taken away from the beach. Wasn’t sure where shells are categorized.

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