Truant sun

Been a while, aye? I always do find this hour, when tomorrow becomes today, the most convenient to post something in the midst of fatigue and hunger and the general want to crawl under the bed covers. I don’t know why. I’m weird that way. I’m a hundred million things that are not sensible. I’m cheesecake, I’m pistachio, and only people inside the jokes can understand why. I think it’s because I find these last few minutes before giving up on the research essay for the morning the most appropriate time to do something mundane. “Since I’m here already, might as well.”

Does time move faster in Australia? Is there something in the southern hemisphere that suspends a person in a wormhole while time passes by unnoticed?

“nefandos dividat vastum mare
dirimatque tellus abdita et quisquis sub hoc
in alia versus sidera ac solem avium
dendet orbis alterum ex nobis ferat.”

“Let the vast ocean divide the guilty, let the spaces of the earth yawn between us, bearing away one of us to whatever world hangs beneath this one, looking only at other stars and at a truant sun.”

-Seneca, Oedipus


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