The curious post about IM trends at 11:30pm

I’ve got MSN on right now. It is incredible how everyone online (being around 8 people) under the “Australia” group is either Busy or Away. I mean, it’s really fascinating to look at the msn window and just see that. Busy, away, busy, away, away, busy, busy, away. Everyone’s little msn man is wearing either a clock or a stop sign. Fascinating to see how instant messaging has evolved. Once people couldn’t stop talking with people, it used to be Hey, let’s find a way to get people to communicate, that’s the whole point why we invented this. Now it’s, Hey, I’m online, BUT. Then all the conditions. Makes me wonder why people bother to log in at all, really. What a phenomenon. I think that’s why I’ve always been intrigued by sci-fi…it was never just a phase for me. How technology turns into a social space on its own that develops with all the idiosyncrasies of human beings. Humans can’t just leave things alone, can they? Everything they touch turns into them. Incredible.

And I am (Online). Otherwise I don’t log in at all, really.


3 thoughts on “The curious post about IM trends at 11:30pm

  1. People login, and leave an away sign as they are busy doing other things, seems like they have something more important to do then wait for you to im them. I just leave it on without away, whether I’m there or not.

  2. yo, 🙂

    i leave it on “away”, if i’m leaving my pc for dinner or if i leave it on overnight… :), the busy thing, well, if i’m at work or watching something on the pc, i just put the status as “busy”, and usually it just means that i might not be able to respond as quick if i were doing nothing. that is unless i put in a “very busy” or something to that sense which probably means, i won’t get back to you until i finish what i’m doing…XD

    depending on the messenger, it’s not always possible to leave offline messages for offline contacts, so that might be one reason some people just leave theirs on… or maybe just too lazy to re-login. hehe.

  3. Yo back!

    Oh yeah, I definitely understand your msn-erisms, that’s more than reasonable, and that’s what i do, hehe…what i found weird is that they’re actually not busy and/or away (and they do tell me)…so i just get puzzled and go, “er…so should i leave a message for you?” (e.g. are you REALLY busy this time?) because i don’t want to disturb if they really are. i just get confused, is all.

    btw, am going home this november!

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