I did wait for the adrenaline to settle down, hehe. One of my short stories just got accepted for publication by The Digest of Philippine Genre Stories, a local print fiction magazine here in the Philippines.

My thanks to Karen again for the late-night help with the computer jargon during editing, hehehe. And for the extra-big font in her blog for the announcement. ^_^0

Section 8, do you remember I had a story-post in my Beijing blog that you commented, and I said I’d make a full story out of it? That’s the one. Thanks so much for that comment, man!


7 thoughts on “Yayness

  1. Hehehe, thanks roman!

    The mag’s The Digest of Philippine Genre Stories. There’s a link on the Links section. The 2nd issue (where my story will be) will be out by the end of February.

  2. Yay I made someone money yaaaaaay!

    Now, if I could remember which one that was…oh, sweet! The one with the letters! Awesome!

    Getting published is so mega FFVI victory music, man. Thing is, it gets addicting….and you’re never satified at just one…and always have to top yourself…

    Or that could be journalism. Whichever.

    Please scream when it comes out so I can (try) to read it. (Hope it’s not in Tagalong. I think I mangled that word.)

  3. Section 8: LOL, yes, you certainly did make someone money, haha. I didn’t keep the letters thing in the story though; just followed the structure you had been suggesting.

    And it IS quite a FFVI victory music thing, come to think of it. I know, I guess once you’re published, you have to keep that standard (well, for me, I kinda really need publications for my resume, hehe).

    Haha, since the magazine is in print and I’ll be in Sydney again by the time it comes out, I won’t see the issue myself. But I’ll definitely get someone to buy it and scan it for me. I’ll send you a copy then (no, it’s not in Tagalog, it’s in English). This issue is going to be quite exciting…the editor has sponsors like Starbucks (a number of Starbucks outlets are going to have copies of the magazine), McDonalds, etc.

    Oh, I didn’t drop names, but I did acknowledge you in the Author’s Notes the editor requested from me. ^_^

    Karen: Thanks sobra talaga! And I learned something about custom controls too! ^_^

  4. I dunno if it interests you. XD But maybe you have friends who might be interested?

    I want to email this instead (since it’s too long XD) but I don’t have your email add anymore. XD

    I dunno if you get paid for your “contributions” either. But I hope it offers. šŸ˜€
    Chris Cahilig Publishing is now accepting poetry contributions from professional and amateur poets alike for a book of love poems to be published this February 2007.

    The poems may be in English or Filipino.

    You may submit your poems with your background and contact details through chriscahilig@gmail.com or you may fax it through 687-2692. Deadline for the submission of contributions is on January 19, 2007.

    For inquiries, please call Tom Andersen or Karl Domingo at 687-2649.

    Tom Andersen
    Special Projects Manager
    687-2649/0927- 2720728
    tomsolfester@ yahoo.com/ tomsolfester@ gmail.com

  5. hey Fangli! nice to see you around!

    thanks for the notice! i don’t write poems much, but i’ll pass it around. and it’s good to know the publishing companies around here.

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