Here we go.

Went to Singapore for the past four days, stayed with Adeline, who brought me around. Muchos gracias, Leche!

Day 1

After a fiasco with my ticket with Philippine Airlines for the 8:30am flight to Changi Airport which I will not go into detail, I waited in NAIA till the 3pm flight. Arrived in Singapore in the evening, was picked up by Adeline and her dad, who drove us to their house, where I met her sister and her mother and had local Singaporean fare for dinner. (Food will be a pretty prominent theme throughout the trip.)

Day 2

Left the house a bit late in the morning; contrary to what some people might think, it was not I who woke up late (hehe). Took a walk in a nature trail close to Adeline’s house and went to Bukit Chandu.

Bukit Chandu is a memorial to the siege of Singapore by the Japanese on WW2. It has a pretty good exhibit in the building.

Afterwards we had lunch in a Hawker’s Centre. (I can’t believe S’pore’s food hawkers have actually been organized by the government; they have a “Centre” in a few areas. Litter-free too! That’s not a congregation of shadow-economy hawkers who have to pack their stalls and run when the police comes – it’s an open-air food court!)

We went to the National Museum of Singapore after lunch, but the rain caught us on the way, and I was too drenched to take a photo before taking shelter in the museum. There was a temporary exhibit of Maria Theresia of the Hapsburgs of Austria with a live string quartet performing. Then we went to the museum’s permanent exhibit of the history of Singapore. The country has a really young history, even if you include its pre-colonial times (during the early records of pre-colonial Singapore, the Philippines was already colonized by the Spanish), and I think that’s why what they had was really squeezed and milked out by the museum to the extent that there was too much of the same thing. It really was an extremely substantial exhibit, but we were starting to get tired around half of it and we started skipping a lot. Still, though, great learning experience.

Raffles Hotel

After which, we went to the Raffles Hotel, probably the most famous hotel of Singapore. Writers like Rudyard Kipling, Somerset Maugham, and Joseph Conrad had resided there before.



Chijmes Hall; it doesn’t hold services and it’s more like a church-for-rent for weddings and recitals.

The Esplanade, where we met Melissa for dinner in another Hawker’s Centre.

This one’s pretty hard to miss.

Day 3

…began with me tagging along with Adeline to the new campus of National University of Singapore and sitting-in my first and last class in law on insurance, for two hours. Then we went to the old campus to check out the main library and the other faculties, such as…

I did consider applying to NUS once. That’s probably where I would have landed.

We met up with Adeline’s friend for lunch in Vivo City, a new mall; she would tour-guide us to Sentosa. After much looking around, we finally found the monorail to Sentosa.

Such is the view of Sentosa from the monorail.

The Merlion in Sentosa.

Obviously not of the Southern Hemisphere, as Adeline had thought. *chortle*

POV looking to the Sentosa mainland from the southernmost point of continental Asia.

Chinatown afterwards, upon coming back, where we had a bit of dessert. Cleanest Chinatown I’ve ever been, without the trademark smell of grease. Met Melissa for dinner again.

Day 4

Adeline’s mom drove me to Changi Airport, I boarded the 1pm flight, read P.G. Wodehouse’s The Coming of Bill, and came back home.


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