Doo Bidoo Bidoo

Well, two more rejections from different publications. Guess I’ll have to write two more stories to replace them so as not to lose heart over the whole thing. *sleepy stretch* Anyway, I’ve stopped counting how many rejections I’ve had ever since; getting a bit too many.

(I’ve actually seen an online publication that would publish your story if you prove it’s been rejected five times, hahaha.)

Looking back, my days in Singapore were really extremely full. I was crammed down to the throat with food, for one thing. And we kept rushing from one place to the next.

And I guess when you see friends whom you met in a different place in their home turf, in their comfort zone, you realize the endless sides of character a person has. There is a difference, but I can’t put my finger on it. It’s more than him or her being confident about finding their way around (well, theoretically, haha) instead of the mess we are with directions in a foreign land. It’s like finally finding them in their complete context, like reading a lit story and placing it in its appropriate socio-economic-political context (Right. What a wonderfully flattering metaphor.) But you see, there is a difference, something that is both amusing and slightly sobering, because it’s when you finally see them (and excuse the tired saw) for “who they are,” not when we are all in a kind of hiatus from our real lives because we were all brought together to a place that not one of us belongs to. But then, which one is supposed to be the more “real” existence anyway? Weren’t we the same people then and now? Then you start wondering if the person had changed or if you had a skewed point of view in the first place. Then again, maybe it wasn’t even change or a question of view; maybe given the different ways we’re built, this would be how we react to Situation A, and that would be how to react Situation B. Endless sides. Always plenty of things to consider. And yet I did like discovering the endless sides.

Vice versa, come to think of it, I wonder how some of my oldest friends would be if we were in a foreign country? *pokes Karen and the other Philippine peeps * Hehe.

Anyway, back to looking for a part-time job.


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