A Mad Rush

…for a job. Been checking online job databases, sending applications to a couple of positions. Most web copywriters and content writers. Horizon looks dim though. One email got bounced.

So if anyone knows about a vacant position for a web copywriter / content writer, here’s the place to drop a line. ^_^ Please and thanks.

Had much fun in Shangril-la Mall and Shangri-la Hotel with Karen and Steph. Check out Karen’s blog for the gory details. All I can say is that 1. playing Icebreaker with old friends for hours with background noise from HBO gives a person much to discover, 2. Karen can sleep through a tornado, 3. I have a score to settle with that European-setting movie at 3am which Steph believed to be a horror flick and I didn’t until the leading lady screamed and the glass shattered and I turned the TV off, 4. Steph wakes up 1.5 hours later than her planned time, 5. My stomach flipped at the sight of all the chocolate on Steph’s breakfast,  6. I’d like to play that guitar game again in the arcade, 7.  Old friends are extremely fun to be with after years and years of absence, but that goes without saying, and 8. The next time we ever get together again, no matter how far off in the future that may be, walang tulugan na! This time for real. =p (Karen, I will bring a box of paracetamol if I have to.)

Bought a few books, with that freshness that can come only from shrink-wrap. (Found cheaper versions!) James Blish’s Cities in Flight, Ursula K. Le Guin’s The Dispossessed, and Olga Grushin’s The Dream Life of Sukhanov. Gonna start reading Yann Martel’s The Life of Pi (yes, I know I’m late).


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