The Creak

It doesn’t seem so bad in the morning, she thought morosely.

No, no. Night.

She threw a mental glare at her fatigue for confusing her. She threw another  when she heard a creak.

The creak persisted.

She paused. The creak caterwauled and she jumped. Then she quickly sat down again and made sure no one had seen her.

No, no. 1am. There wasn’t anyone around close to conscious in the apartment other than herself.

And the creak, who was wanting to be noticed.

She closed twenty books in succession and gathered her notes. There was absolutely no point. No point at all. She was beginning to repeat herself. Circular reasoning. Mass references to books just for the sake of it. The horizon was very clear. She was going to flunk this paper.

She carefully stacked her books and slipped the stapled sheets of yellow paper into the top book. Then she started looking for the creak.

It was very red and gummy and had unfortunately trapped itself between the window screen and the jamb. It saw her coming and made a piteous wail.

“Geez, I’m coming.” She threw open the window and the creak wriggled free. She heard something like a tinny “Weee!” and the creak jumped on to her shoulder.

She stared at the tiny red blob.”Right. And what am I supposed to do with you?”

The creak shrugged and settled down to fall asleep on her shoulder.

That seemed like a good idea to her.


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