Happy Valentine’s, all! May each house bloom with a hundred red roses.

A little busy with work. I play Here Comes the Sun: Acoustically The Beatles when I work, an album of Beatles songs played by acoustic guitars. I think it makes me think faster for that kind of work.

I have to start packing soon for my return to Sydney.

Finished Life of Pi and Alan Moore’s V for Vendetta. Heavy stuff. I’m gonna lay off reading novels for a few days.

Also writing a new short story, “Son of the Sky.” For this kind of work, I play all the Egyptian-sounding tunes I have to generate an atmosphere. So far the most effective one I have is Maksim Mrvica’s Exodus. I’ve got bits of The Mummy sountrack and Prince of Egypt too. And some Rai music.

(Hehe. It’s pretty banal so far.)


2 thoughts on “V-day

  1. Couldn’t stand LIfe of Pi for some reason. I think it was because I had astronomically high expectations; it had been hyped around here as the second-best work after Shakespeare.

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