Back Again

…in Sydney. Here comes that question again. “What am I doing here?” and I had happily thought that I had been over it. Maybe it just comes everytime I don’t have school work to do. When work started to pile up during my first time here, the thought disappeared immediately.

But it’s been OK, so far. Plane landed 6:30am today. Mostly doing housekeeping, unpacking, settling back again. Honestly feels like I’m starting all over again. Weird. Should expect to get back to normal in a few days, when school starts. Anyway, still have little bits of trouble (i.e. forgetting to pack some items, forgetting some crucial numbers) that I have to straighten out tomorrow. Argh. Stupid to have forgotten.

Being in a different time zone feels like being out-of-sync with everyone who matters, actually, even if it’s just 2 hours + daylight savings time. (A nod to my MSN and YM peeps, haha. Expect to see much of me bugging you. –Karennnn! Get online earlier!!!!–). O baka kasi maghahating gabi na. I suppose when I see this post under the cold, sober light of the morning, I’m going to wince.

Parang ang liwanag pa rin ng kwarto kahit patay na mga ilaw. Hay, parang ayoko pang matulog kahit humihikab na ako.


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