Studying on a Saturday night is the pits. Especially when you don’t have to, in the sense that you’re doing advance work. Gosh, undergraduate studies had been so easy, so flippin’ simple. You had more hours of study and more requirements to hand in, but you didn’t have to plan things so much in advance. As opposed to postgrad. Yargh, independent work. No exams to chase your tail, to do your scheduling for you, to spread your grade across. Every effort is thrown into the few (but hugely credited) assessments to be handed on the very last day of semester. Sucks, actually. Everytime I get free time (i.e. Saturday night), I keep thinking if there’s something I have to start working at so I don’t drown by the end of semester. Keep looking for things to do in advance, instead of being comforted by the fact that there’s an exam on Monday and work for this weekend will end there so get cracking will’ya? That was undergraduate life. You knew exactly what to do for the day. Doesn’t help too when you live with undergraduates who know what they have to do (and there’s lots to do) and they’re studying like heck while you’re puttering around your room looking for advance work and feeling pressured to study just as hard when there’s actually not much you can do yet at this stage of the semester. (And variety is an impossibility.)

Not a pleasant feeling, of course. Knowing you should be doing something but not knowing what, and watching in a panic as the hours go by.

Of course life doesn’t get simpler. Of course.


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