The Sounds of Tuesday Morning

First dibs for waking me up this morning goes to the cleaner lady. Banging of cutlery and lots of scrubbing in the girls’ toilet. 7:22 AM; I checked. Not entirely unwelcome – last night I had dozed off in the middle of my preparing my presentation, around 12 midnight, and woke up half past, decided I’ll do a fresh start in the morning, hopped under the sheets and went out like a light.

Didn’t make any difference though. Turned and went back to the woolly scent of sheets and to the embracing arms of sleep. Alarm rang at 8:00 AM; shut it promptly. Eventually woke up at 8:30 AM.

She’s still scrubbing.

Stomach quite unhappy. Last night downed a tall glass of carbonated lemonade on an empty stomach, came back home to find that someone stole my dinner and very unprofessionally switched the cling-wrap that had my name on it on someone else’s leftover lunch. If you’re gonna try to fool me, at least have the decency to do it properly.

Sounds from Anzac Parade. Sounds like a river running. Maroon 5 playing.
Skies overcast. Sun still comparatively strong. Breeze picks up regularly.

What I doodled on the whiteboard outside my room. Last sentence a cheeky addition by a cheeky friend.

(Oi Roman, that’s my productivity after not having drawn for more than a year, haha. Need a sketchbook. And my inking pens.)

Tuesday morning for a university student who’s been studying for too long.

Days fly faster in the southern hemisphere.


2 thoughts on “The Sounds of Tuesday Morning

  1. roflmao!!!that sign is cute..X3 that was pretty lame of the culprit to do such a dick dastardly but thanks to him/her, it sparked your artistic mind to doodle something once again. i miss your artworks. XD

  2. Hahaha, nah, I doodled it first, then she added the last sentence. It’s a running joke here that I love my meat. XD And I do appreciate her “dastardly act,” hehehe.

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