Sunrays and Saturdays

I love waking up to Saturday morning. The night before is always the best sleep I get all week. And on the morning itself I can enjoy a proper breakfast in pajamas, with the sun streaming in, a bit of light Vertical Horizon playing, and a little table filled with milk bread, cream cheese, yogurt, and a cup of Earl Grey.

I think I’d go with the Jews on this one. Saturday is indeed the true Sabbath, haha, and I always make sure that I thoroughly enjoy this day of rest. The atmosphere of Saturday is one of lightness and endlessness of possibilities. Everything is possible when you’ve gotten a good night’s sleep and not having been grudgingly awakened by the alarm clock to a state of denial. It’s so restful that I feel like going back to academic study again, haha. I remember in Sydney that Saturday morning was always the best time for me to actually study because that’s when my mind feels the least warped. And yes, it seems like a loserly way to start a Saturday morning, but that was how it started anyway.

Vertical Horizon has a song called “Sunrays and Saturdays,” which finds Saturdays as one of the little best things in life.

Open the window
Let the sunset in
If only for the last time
Let me see you smile again

I’ll take my records
You can have your books
I’m sorry I never read them
But it says so much about us

Always trying
To make love out of care
The perfect recipe
But something wasn’t there

And I wish you
Sunrays and Saturdays
Perfect starry nights
Sweet dreams and moonbeams
And a love that’s warm and bright
Sunrays and Saturdays
Friendship strong and true
Oceans of blue and a room with a view
To live the life you choose

You’ll write me letters
I’ll call you on the phone
A wire away from touching
And never quite alone

We’ll get to know ourselves again
And we’ll heal our hearts
It’s not that we’re bad together
We’re just better off apart

Always trying
To have one and one make two
And even though it never worked
I still feel love for you


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