A plug for my friend Bernadette, who has opened her own clothing line: Chris&Berns.

I’m in Manila for CNY, though work will be on again next week and I’ll be flying to HK again soon. Going to meet some friends today and tomorrow. And I might be meeting up with Matt when I go back to HK, if he’s not too busy with the chicks, he said. :p Some things never change.
I’ve been catching up on a lot of reading and refusing to dwell too much on the thought of returning to work in a few days (and what comes after that). While in Boracay with my family I finished Mark Haddon’s A Spot of Bother, a light bit of fun and romp through the mind of man trying to go insane politely, and yesterday Bernard Malamud‘s Pictures of Fidelman, which gave me a fiction idea bunny I’m going to try my hand on when I get back to my laptop. Reading bits of Dorothy Parker and Isaac Bashevis Singer last night and today.


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