Is It Just Me


A Thousand Years of Good Prayers is a collection of short stories about the mainland Chinese by Yiyun Li; The Train to Lo Wu about Hong Kong by Jess Row. Honestly, that can’t be the only good angle to take a picture of a metropolitan skyline. What do prepubescent girls sitting on the roof against looming buildings with one leg sticking out have to do with the Chinese phenomenon?

I went to the sale at the Hong Kong Book Centre with only one free hand as the other was carrying an umbrella. I asked the manager if they had baskets; they didn’t but he offered me a box used for stocking their books. Yeah, I did go every book of the fiction section. At some point the manager asked curiously if I was sourcing books for a school or if it was all just for private reading. I ended up with five books: Peter Høeg’s A History of Danish Dreams, Italo Calvino’s If On a Winter’s Night A Traveler, Neil Gaiman’s collection Fragile Things, Javier Marias’ collection When I Was Mortal, and a really thick O. Henry collection of short stories.

Did the steamboat approach for tonight’s dinner – threw sliced beef, cuttlefish, and chopped choi sum into a pot of boiling water and topped them with oyster sauce and Thai chili sauce. And watched Stranger Than Fiction on DVD. Great premise, couple of references to literary theory, hilarious characterization, but pace kinda plodded and seemed to gloss over a lot of links and ending was a letdown.


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