Very Good News

My short story, “The Rooftops of Manila”, has been accepted for publication in this year’s Philippine Speculative Fiction IV, published by Kestrel and edited by Dean and Nikki Alfar. The book will be launched on December 13, 2008, 5:30PM at the U-View Theater of Fully Booked (main branch) over at Bonifacio High Street, The Fort, Taguig City, Philippines. 

(Excuse me while I calm myself down even though I’ve known it for two days already.)

This story is near and dear to me because I had begun it more than 3 years ago with extraordinary enthusiasm and got stuck with a section and left it stewing in my hard drive for so long. A part of the emotional drive of my other short story, “Benito Salazar’s Last Creation“, fed from my own frustration of being unable to finish this exact story, and now that I had finished it 3 months ago and it’s getting published, well, it’s like a full circle now. It’s a really personal triumph for me. 🙂

My thanks to Mark M. for reading it in its incomplete state earlier this year and whose comments helped egg me to finish it, and Karen for being my beta and running through the story (even if I had already submitted it) and helping me pick out things that confused her. :p And gave me much WAFFy encouragement through the dead of midnight. (Hey K, reminded me of that night you were teaching me your fine expertise about custom controls and aspx pages for my last edit of “The Scent of Spice” before it went for publication, eh? XD Inakala ng ang daming tao na nag-compsci daw ako. Ayan, matuwa ka na.)

(And does anyone still say WAFF? Shows how long I’ve been around the internet.)


2 thoughts on “Very Good News

  1. *snort*..WAFFy….me? o.O..don’t go ruining my reputation, yo. 😀

    lol, congrats, like I said sa email. 😀

    Ha! I’m glad kahit paano the teaching paid off, I’m not made to teach anything, I suck at it. 😀 , people thinking you actually took up comsci means my efforts were not in vain…

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