Shows List


I bought a ticket to Xuefei Yang’s recital on the 14th of December in the Hong Kong City Hall Theatre. Am looking forward to some impeccable classical guitar playing. 🙂 I started liking her when I heard her and Kenneth Kwan’s arrangement of Freddie Aguilar’s Anak in her first album.

Also have a ticket to the Vesturport production of Kafka’s Metamorphosis next February. The price isn’t too bad; the cheapest is $120, worth a pretty good meal in Central. It puts you on the very back row, but hey. (I actually don’t know what kind of seat I have. A friend booked it for us and I was told only later, and I have a feeling he probably bought a slightly expensive one.)


The HK Arts Festival is happening on February and March next year and the Programme is out. I want to go to Lisa Ono’s debut in HK on March 4 in the Cultural Centre but advanced booking tickets are sold out, arrrghh! Have to wait for Dec. 6 for counter bookings, and goodness knows how many of the cheaper tickets will be left. T_T The cheapest ones are $150 and they put you in the choir stalls, urk. The next one is $250, the one I want (barely within budget), but there’s a huge possibility they might be sold out as well. Please please please leave one for me. I want some bossa nova to end my Wednesday.

Wanna watch John McLaughlin and Chick Corea perform with their Five Peace Band too on Feb. 10, but all the tickets that are within possible budget are sold out for advanced bookings, so I’ll have to wait for Dec. 6 again for that one. Same problem as with Lisa Ono, only worse; the cheapest is $200 and that puts you in the stalls again. Grrr. The next is $300 (massively out of budget) and I don’t know if I’m willing to shell out that much to watch the gods of jazz guitar play in person. I’m a bigger fan of Al di Meola (if he came here, I’d just go, period.) But I still wanna watch them. Argh. Don’t know. So expensive. 

(If Al di Meola, Paco de Lucia, and John McLaughlin ever played in trio again, you’ll need to call the Marines to hold me off. I cannot help it that I wasn’t born yet when they first had a concert together, and that I was only 11 when they last did an album together.)

And Peter Halls’ revival of George Bernard Shaw’s Pygmalion is coming to town as well, Feb. 5 to 8. The cheapest is $200 as well and it puts you on the very back row of the Lyric Theatre. Grrrggg. 

I think the only way I can do something about these is to vow not to visit a bookstore (second-hand or not) until March.


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