Look at the moon. If you see Venus and Jupiter next to it, then we’re looking at the same one.

I’ve been seeing them for the past few days whenever I walk home. November’s been busiest at work. Hellmonth. But it’ll be all downhill from here; a few weeks only and then finally some relief.

I redrafted The Foundling again. And I don’t mean just moving paragraphs around and cutting and adding material; I mean straight rewrite. A blank sheet and typing “Scene 1” all over again. I finished it last night, and it’s bigger and better, and I think a performance would actually go over an hour.  We figured that the only way out of our doubts about the script was to look at it fresh again. And I’m glad we did. Now it’s more complex and layered with a very firm arc, and the characters have become so real to me that I never hit a wall during the rewrite, which was miraculous. Haruka and I had gone over every character’s motivation and psychology over and over again during dinner meetings that the rewrite felt like I was recording a story someone had already told me many times.  Another week for casting, then some time for preliminary method exercises, then script rehearsals, and before you know it, showtime. 

So, the people coming over for visits! Wooooot! Joy is crashing at my place, and so is Jane (yaaaay! The Southeast Asian Takeover Part Deux!) Karen and Steph are hotelling in TST, la familia is hotelling in Causeway Bay, and Chichi is always very happy staying at her own place in posh Mid-levels.

Dec. 4- Joy

Dec. 20 – Karen and Steph

Dec. 24 – La familia

Dec. 28 – Chichi

Jan. 30 – Jane

Joy, being unfazed by the fact that I’ll be working when she’s here, will be taken by the hand around HK during the weekend, after which I’ll be letting go and she’ll be free to get lost by herself and hopefully will find her way back to my flat every evening so we can have dinner out because there is no way on earth I will let her taste my cooking, full stop.

Steph needs to buy pants before she comes here if she doesn’t want to freeze to death. How is it possible at this day and age that she owns only one pair and the rest are all skirts?? Explain to me that, Karen.


5 thoughts on “Mishmash

  1. It’s all cloudy here and I can’t see the lunar/planetary conjunction. Boo! Ah well, I’ll just wait another thousand years and…oh. Damn.

    • S8 – Good luck. XD
      Karen – Well, at least I’m faring better than you. XD I’ve always been the healthy middle between you two.
      Carmen – LOL. I’ll relay the message to her, I’m sure she’ll be flattered. XD

  2. I have no idea how someone only has one pair of pants. Steph’s reasoning is that….she looks better in skirts than pants, hence no buying of pants. XD, I, on the other hand, don’t own own a single serviceable skirt or bought any since that one time I purchased a skirt for my graduation.

    what a pair we make.

    I have told her to bring lots of leggings. She says she’ll go buy some. o.O …I should remember to remind her about insulation.

  3. p.s. after two days, I still haven’t seen the jupiter + venus conjunction!…I’ve been looking and every night has been cloudy…>.< ..daya!

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