September 20, ’08.

I wonder why I always think of Hong Kong as a she? Like it can never be a he, in the same way Berlin can never be a she. How is Hong Kong female? Sly. Vibrant, energetic, flashy, almost alluring. That sharp, cold beauty of a cyberpunk city.


2 thoughts on “Mademoiselle

  1. That’s strange (in the sense that Berlin is a he). Usually countries are females (i.e. “Motherland”).

    If it’s in the cultural sense, I think it partly has to do with language and our image of the country. Like Berlin is usually war/strife (World War II, Collapse of the Berlin wall) and German is guttural as a language (as opposed to French or Italian or Spanish which is typically perceived as romantic).

  2. Hehe, well, Germany does consider itself a “Fatherland.”

    I’m suddenly reminded of a joke about German women that my German teacher used to tell. XD Anyway.

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