RocketKapre’s Usok Issue # 1

RocketKapre’s quarterly webzine, Usok, is up with Issue # 1 with five stories. The following be snippets for temptation.

The Startbox by Crystal Koo

I was twelve years old at the time, only a boy that my father thought could still be distracted by the jingle of an ice cream cart. I didn’t have the courage to tell him what I knew about Ricky Lau.

The Saint of Elsewhere: A Mystery by chiles samaniego

I could have listened to her forever. I could have watched her animate those same words over and over with her pale, gentle lips, even as I tried to persuade her otherwise: no, I said, nowhere’s that safe.

Mouths to Speak, Voices to Sing by Kenneth Yu

Mr. Harry Liu Hui Chiu was at the bank when he experienced for the first time—as with a kiss, or a fresh dream—the splendorous wonder of hearing his first vase.

The Coming of the Anak-Araw by Celestine Trinidad

Before Sari had time to take back her words, the Babaylan was out of the door. The priestess’ robes flounced behind her as her parting words rang in Sari’s ears.  “May Bathala smile down upon you. If he is still watching.”

The Child Abandoned by Yvette Tan

They say that Quiapo wasn’t always like this. My Lola used to tell us stories about the place we lived in before The Change began. You’ve heard of The Change, haven’t you?


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