A Good Start for 2010

(I am getting exponentially worse at maintaining my blog. Some discipline must be rustled up soon.)

Busy time, so publication and writing updates will have to suffice for this one (yet again.)

1. My short story “The Flight of Bartolomé” has been accepted for publication by the Ink-filled Page Literary and Arts Journal for 2010. It’ll be published in their e-book journal and their annual print anthology.

2. Ruin and Resolve, an anthology of fiction and poetry for Ondoy / Ketsana charity, is up for sale at Smashwords. It includes my short story “We End Up with the Same Thing Anyway.” Proceeds go to the Philippine National Red Cross.

3. Charles Tan has requested to reprint my story “Wildwater” as part of the forthcoming online anthology Best of Philippine Speculative Fiction 2009.

4. The Dragon and the Stars anthology, which includes my short story “The Man on the Moon” and will be out by May 2010, is already up at Amazon.ca, with the following cover art:

5. I’m currently working on a screenplay for The Pink Elephant, a short film to be produced this year by the same production team who did The Foundling. All hail Haruka and Gabe!


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