8 Things You May or May Not Know Have Happened To Me

Three months. I wonder if that’s the longest I’ve let pass between blog entries. (The culprits are the day job and the new flat.)

Of course, Stuff has happened, such as:

1. Got my new flat, already been here for over a month.

2. Cast and crew finished the shoots for The Pink Elephant. Post-production now.

3. Got my commercial sample of The Dragon and the Stars through the post.

4. Tin came to HK for a visit.

5. I am recovering from the deluge of semester-end essay-marking. As a friend of mine had once said, there’s very little to get out of reading too much writing that aren’t really good, so I’m countering that with a steady drip of Kurt Vonnegut, John Wyndham, Graham Greene, Angela Carter, Dave Eggers, and Julian Barnes. (Mother Night is fantastic.)

6. I am currently smitten with these. Tom Lee in TST is selling a few.

7. The Twitter widget is not working.

8. I have not written a story for almost as long as I haven’t blogged, which is horrible.


6 thoughts on “8 Things You May or May Not Know Have Happened To Me

  1. Yes, Mother Night is quite the story. Read it in late college, and couldn’t put it down.

    Maybe you’d like to try another novel set in WWII? The Moon Is Down by Steinbeck?

    • Thanks; I’ve read a lot of Holocaust novels since after Anne Frank in high school, so I take them a dose at a time now. XD But Steinbeck’s always good.

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