Do you want a side of surreality with that?

So the problem with waking up earlier than you expected is when you lie back down for a nap, the dreams come with an extra serving of Salvador Dali-surreality.

It turns out I was entertaining some good friends in my apartment this morning. I went to get some drinks in the kitchen, which seemed a heck lot larger (and more well-stocked) than I remembered it to be, then reached for the cabinets to get the extra glasses.

Inside were the glasses all right. Along with things that I have either broken, thrown away, or passed by. Cracked eggs, mugs and glasses from IKEA, and I realized I was standing on the carpet that had come with the apartment but I had returned to the owner because it would take a lot of time to clean it. (It was a different color though. And I want to say I saw hearts too, but there weren’t any.)

I was so freaked out that I jolted myself out of sleep, like the time I dreamed I was being framed for murder but without the sweat-drenched shirt and the heart in hysterics.

Anyway, I call dibs on turning this into a story in the future.


3 thoughts on “Do you want a side of surreality with that?

    • OK, I’m gonna stop you right there. 😄 I have always fully intended to watch Inception, but then everyone else started telling me to watch it, and I got a bit put off by all the nagging and build-up of expectations. Pero sige na nga, I will anyway at some point (it still hasn’t landed in HK). Para lang sayo, Eliza. 😄

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