Philippine Speculative Fiction 6 Line-up

From editor Kate Osias’ blog:

Alternative Histories by Ian Rosales Casocot
Strange Adventures in Procreation by Andrew Drilon
Lament of the Counselor by Jay Anyong
The Grim Malkin by Vincent Michael Simbulan
A Smell of Mothballs by Mailin Paterno
Ashland by Elyss G. Punsalan
Carpaccio (or, Repentance as a Meat Recipe) by Arlynn Despi
Eternal Winter by Maria Pia Vibar Benosa
From the Book of Names My Mother Did Not Give Me by Christine V. Lao
Hollowbody by Crystal Koo
Offerings to Aman Sinaya by Andrei Tupaz
On Wooden Wings by Paolo Chikiamco
Prisoner 2501 by Philip Corpuz
Resurrection by Victor Ocampo
Simon’s Replica by Dean Alfar
Break in at Batay Street by Francis Gabriel Concepcion
The Big Man by Asterio Gutierrez
The Bookshelves of Mrs. Go by Charles Tan
The Impossible and the R.S.C. Gregorio del Pilar by Alex Osias
The Kiddie Pool by Kenneth Yu
The Storyteller’s Curse by Eliza Victoria
Villainoguing by Joseph Montecillo

Congrats to everyone!


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