Why I Like Jazz

Written on February 6, 2011

When it’s happy and upbeat, it’s swinging. When it’s sad, it talks of it like it’s a lighthearted thing. The heaviness is there but it chooses not to indulge in it like pop music does. Jazz is the decision to carry on with life anyway, so might as well sing about it. It’s a sadness that knows it will probably happen again some time soon. Inevitable. A broken heart trying to mend itself, and if that doesn’t work, then it puts on bright clothes, smiles, hops and skips, swings here and there. The drums are the footfalls, the bass line the soles of the feet. The piano smiles, shimmers, glisses. The guitar or the horn, someone, is the heart beating. Everyone has to take turns at the melody, otherwise it’s just too much to handle and someone will break down and the memories will return. Everyone has to smile or risk remembering. The band plays on. It’s just another night in the city.

(photo by tatlin)


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