Publication of “Downfall” and Other Matters

First, Happy Independence Day back home in the Philippines!!! As @faithlessphil says, party like it’s 1898! One way of celebrating is enjoying the show at the #RP612fic event currently ongoing at Twitterville. Paolo Chikiamco describes it as the annual celebration of Independence Day through 140-word microfictions, which not only happens on June 12 but “on to June 13 as well, because the 12th is a Sunday, and we all tweet more when there’s work.” A visionary point.

Second, a shout out to my parents’ wedding anniversary today! (Yes, our family has a penchant for hijacking national holidays for our own. My own birthday falls on one of the coolest, most-badass named holidays back home.)

Third, and what has been the cause of much excitement last night, is my short story “Downfall” being published in the June 13 issue of the Philippines Graphic (Vol. 22,  No. 2). It’s already in print and easily available in local bookstores back home. The online version of the issue will be up soon at the site. Much thanks to Joel Pablo Salud and the editors of the Graphic, and thanks to Charles Tan and Kenneth Yu for informing me that the issue’s out already and Charles for sending me scans of the print copy.

I wrote the story about two years ago after listening to Regina Spektor’s beautiful “Samson” (video, lyrics), which opens and closes with “You are my sweetest downfall / I loved you first, I loved you first.”


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