The Dragon and the Stars: Finalist for the Prix Aurora Award

Image from DAW Books

I’ve just received exciting news that The Dragon and the Stars, which was published by Penguin’s DAW Books and includes my short story “The Man on the Moon”, is a finalist for Canada’s 2011 Prix Aurora Award in the Category of Best English Related Work! The anthology is available in Penguin, AmazonBook Depository, Abe Books (US shipping only), the Chapters bookstores  in Canada, and the Page One bookstores in Hong Kong. More of the book’s short story information/excerpts/full-texts can be found in editor Eric Choi’s website.

If you’re living in Canada or are a Canadian citizen, please do consider voting for the book! The final Aurora ballot will be open till October 15, 2011. More information about voting procedures can be found on the Prix Aurora Award website. Thanks very much!

I’ve put up a page for the full text of my short story “The Man on the Moon” per the editors’ request. Here’s an excerpt to get you going:


Just pick one. Toss a coin, if you want. Toss a thousand coins. You do it so easily for us, don’t you? Why can’t you do it for yourself?

Annoyed with his impatience, the Man on the Moon did not answer the general manager. The suite where he stayed was papered with photographs of women. They smirked, they simpered, they leered, depending on the light. They watched him tally their attributes against each other and spend many hours trying to tell their glaring smiles apart. At the end of the day, he always felt that if he chose one, he would be choosing all of them.

The Man on the Moon learned to smoke and kept the curtains open to air the room. His Book of Matches lay forgotten on top of the bureau. From the street that his balcony overlooked, he was often seen knotting his red cords together in irritation until they looked like a tangle of hair that clung on the shower drain.

– from “The Man on the Moon”

Click here for the entire story.


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