My story at Corvus Magazine

“Rubato”, my short story about music, food, and a robot, is up in the inaugural issue of Corvus Magazine. Many thanks to editors Emily-Jo Hopson and Rachael Bundock! (Links lead to the PDF file.) Includes fun words like amines, low-frequency oblivion and rum.

Image courtesy of Corvus Magazine

Issue One Available

Our inaugural issue features cover art by Hannah Simpson and prose and poetry from Rich Ives, Alex Bernstein, Valentina Cano, Leslianne Wilder, Sanchari Sur, P.A. Levy, S.J. Adair, Paul Lewellan, Lam Pham, Kevin Ridgeway, Neila Mezynski, Crystal Koo, Caleb Puckett, Elizabeth Allen, Jeffery Ryan Long, David McLean, and Allison Spangenberg. You can get it here. Simply click to view online or right click and save link/target as to download it.

We hope you’ll take a look, and that you’ll enjoy it as much as we have. Feedback is always welcome, via the contact form or straight to our email inbox.

We’d like to thank all of our contributors, including those whose work we were unfortunately not able to accept for this issue. It’s been a real privilege to get the opportunity to read so much work by so many different writers, and we do hope that you’ll all submit to us again in future.

the Editors


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