So things have been going on!

Abyss and Apex has accepted my short story Heartland! This is a big deal because 1. Abyss and Apex, and 2. I wrote the story five years ago and it kept getting rejected and I kept revising it to its best reincarnation and now it feels like it’s all grown up. I don’t think I’ve ever had such faith on a story before. I’ll be posting here when it’s available!

Publishers Weekly reviewed Lauriat: A Filipino-Chinese Speculative Fiction Anthology, edited by specfic guru Charles Tan, and they spoke quite favorable about my story, The Perpetual Day, which understandably sent me into an overnight tizzy:

Two standouts are Crystal Koo’s amusing and surprising “The Perpetual Day,” wherein a worldwide pandemic curses people to eternal wakefulness…

Here’s the book description from the editor:

Filipinos and Chinese have a rich, vibrant literature when it comes to speculative fiction. But what about the fiction of the Filipino-Chinese, who draw their roots from both cultures? This is what this anthology attempts to answer. Featuring stories that deal with voyeur ghosts, taboo lovers, a town that cannot sleep, the Chinese zodiac, and an exile that finally comes home, Lauriat: A Filipino-Chinese Speculative Fiction Anthology covers a diverse selection of narratives from fresh, Southeast Asian voices.

And the TOC:

  1. “Two Women Worth Watching” by Andrew Drilon
  2. “Ho-We” by Erin Chupeco
  3. “The Chinese Zodiac” by Kristine Ong Muslim
  4. “Pure” by Isabel Yap
  5. “Dimsum” by Christine V. Lao
  6. “August Moon” by Gabriela Lee
  7. “The Captain’s Nephew” by Paolo Chikiamco
  8. “The Stranger at my Grandmother’s Wake” by Fidelis Tan
  9. “Chopsticks” by Marc Gregory Yu
  10. “Fold Up Boy” by Yvette Tan
  11. “The Tiger Lady” by Margaret Kawsek
  12. “The Perpetual Day” by Crystal Koo
  13. “Cricket” by Kenneth Yu
  14. “The Way of Those Who Stayed Behind” by Douglas Candano

Also, Philippine Speculative Fiction 7, edited by Alex and Kate Osias and includes my story The Likeness of God, will be launched this July! Details: 28 July 2012, 2PM, at The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, Shangri-la Plaza, EDSA. I can’t fly home for it because I have to be at work that day, but I’m sending a representative so they don’t have to pick a hapless stranger from the audience to stand in and breakdance the story for me. TOC:

  1. All That We May See by Kenneth Yu
  2. All the Best of Dark and Bright by Isabel Yap
  3. Bastard Sword by Nikki Alfar
  4. Chasers by Chris Mariano
  5. East of the Sun by Dean Francis Alfar
  6. Faith in Fiction by James Constantino Bautista
  7. Mother of Monsters by Philip Corpuz
  8. Never Land by Mo Francisco
  9. Oblation by Paolo Chikiamco
  10. Pet by Kristine Ong Muslim
  11. Sarsarita Time by Melissa Sipin
  12. The Call of the Chained God by Dariel Quiogue
  13. The Changes by Benito Vergara
  14. The Commute to Paradiso by Charles Tan
  15. The Day Nostalgia Swept Over a Town by F. Jordan Carnice
  16. Dragon’s Orb by Vincent Michael Simbulan
  17. The Likeness of God by Crystal Koo
  18. The Little Things the Datu Did by Andrew Drilon
  19. The Love Spell by Julian dela Cerna
  20. The Nature of Apocalypse by Joseph Anthony Montecillo
  21. The Scrap Collectors by Arlynn Despi
  22. username: tanglaw by Eliza Victoria
  23. What the Body Remembers by Tin Lao
  24. What You See by Ian Rosales Casocot

UPDATE ON THE PHILIPPINE SPECULATIVE FICTION SERIES: The anthologies have been published as ebooks by Flipreads  and are available on Amazon.com, Flipreads and iTunes! My stories are included in Philippine Speculative Fiction 4 and Philippine Speculative Fiction 6.

Pic from RocketKapre.com

I also have other things running in the background, so fingers crossed for more good news!

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