Update on Lauriat Copies and PSF 7

Lauriat, the Filipino-Chinese speculative fiction anthology that my story “The Perpetual Day” is in and which Publishers Weekly reviewed, is now available as an e-book! You can get it from Weightless Books (in EPUB / PDF / PRC formats) or from the publisher (in PDF). It’s 6.99 USD and no DRM! You can also get the e-book from Amazon (in AZW format) for 8.99 USD. The paperback will be available on August 15 in stores but you can order it now too from Amazon for 18 USD. Good responses to the book so far!

UPDATE: You can also now buy it from Wizard’s Tower Book (in EPUB / MOBI formats) for 4.49 GBP.

Philippine Speculative Fiction 7, which includes my story “The Likeness of God,” was launched on July 28, 2012. I couldn’t go but my friend Joanna represented me and apparently did a bang up job of it! Some pics of it at Eliza’s blog! You can also order the e-book here for 5.99 USD.


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