Shanghai Steam Launch at the WFC 2012

Shanghai Steam, the anthology my story “The Master and the Guest” is in, was officially launched at the World Fantasy Convention 2012 in Toronto on the 2nd of November! I couldn’t fly over there because of lecture duties, but I’ve been updated by the editors about the event by email. Authors who were there for readings were Tim Ford, Shen Braun, Amanda Clark, Laurel Anne Hill, Julia Rosenthal, and Derwin Mak, and the editors say that the event was a blast! Head over here for the photos!

Also another blog tour post on Shanghai Steam, this time by Ray Dean, one of the authors included in the antho as well: Research and Inspiration: Shanghai Steam. I have to admit, I didn’t have much to say for this particular set of interview questions because I didn’t have to do much research for this story.

The e-books aren’t available yet, but the paperback is now out on Amazon for 14.95 USD!


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