Writing updates

1. My short story “What’s as Inexorable as an Ice Cream Meteorite Approaching Earth?” has been accepted in Adam David’s Thursday Never Looking Back, an anthology collecting essays, fiction, poetry, songs, comics, and videos about the end of the world! It’s going to be in ePub and will be released at the end of this month in time for December 21, 2012. Very interesting cover:


2. I’ve signed and sent away the contract to Abyss and Apex for my short story “Heartland.”

3. Lauriat has made it to Locus Magazine’s New and Notable Books for December! Tickled pink because Rich Horton says:

The best are quite good – my favorites being ‘The Perpetual Day’ by Crystal Koo, about a community which cannot go to sleep, and ‘The Stranger at my Grandmother’s Wake’ by Fidelis Tan.

4. I’m trying this new thing of using physics as a basis for writing nonSF stories (and maybe longer works in the future) and looking at everyday phenomena through the lens of scientific theories. (Guess who works in academia? One of these days I’ll have to write a story about attending seminars.) Yay quantum mechanics, because I like making things difficult for myself.


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