I’m playing at The Wanch for Handover Hallelujah 2013!!

Haven’t posted a lot because I’ve been moving flats and marking exams / hell week at work and the the two have combined to create an energy vampire.

But! NEWS! June 30, I’m playing with my friend Cyrus Chow at the The Wanch, one of the most popular live music venues in HK!


Image from TheWanch.hk

And as if that wasn’t news enough, we’re playing as part of the lineup of this year’s Handover Hallelujah!! HH is an annual music festival The Wanch hosts that coincides with the July 1 public holiday (HKSAR Establishment Day) commemorating the 1997 handover of HK from the UK to China. HH has been mentioned before in CNN Travel and Time Out HK and it is going to be crowded the way HK knows how to crowd (i.e. very).

50+ bands for 4 days. And we’re one of them. I cannot emphasize enough how AMAZEBALLS this is going to be. Details soon!


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