Philippine Speculative Fiction 8 Available!

Up on Amazon Kindle for 5.99 USD  and Flipreads for 193 PHP!

smallDarna encashes a check at the bank one morning; a god trapped in a statue is awakened by the intoxicating scent of the scholar studying his stone prison; human beings are homogenized for the sake of idealizing the species. The Philippine Speculative Fiction series showcases the rich variety of Philippine literature. Between these covers you will find magic realism next to science fiction, traditional fantasy beside slipstream, and imaginary worlds rubbing shoulders with alternate Philippine history—demonstrating that the literature of the fantastic is alive and well in the Philippines. Stories from this series have been included in the Honorable Mentions list from The Year’s Best Fantasy and Horror edited by Ellen Datlow and Kelly Link & Gavin Grant.

My story’s “The Mayorga Collection.” Excerpt below!

Maganda # 73, pastel on paper, 19 x 31.2 cm.

Duma Armand

The Mayorga Collection


A WOMAN’S MOUTH. Whether it’s smiling, laughing, talking, or crying, it drops anchor in your mind. Who drew the cut of the lips, mapped out their texture and agonized over their color – questions that are irrelevant when the art has surpassed the artist.

White background.


ARMAND TELLS HIS brother to ask him an old question.

Armand is surprised to see a sadness sluice across his brother’s face like seawater through a shallow strait, but Armand ignores it. “Ask me again,” he says.

“Is she worth your immortality?”

Armand answers his brother differently this time.


Maganda #54, oil on canvas, 68.8 x 82 cm.

Duma Armand

The Mayorga Collection


THE SKIES AND the waters part every morning and form a shattered horizon. Across the seashell opalescence of dawn, an angry red screams the separation of the two domains.



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