First Place in the 2013 Hong Kong Top Story Competition!


Certificate, Cathay Pacific tickets to Tokyo, and 15 books from Pan Macmillan as awards

I think the nuttiest part of the whole thing is how much I didn’t expect it to happen. We weren’t told which place we had won – it was kept secret until the actual ceremony – so when the MC said I had won first place and she began reading the judges’ comments about my piece, I was in so much shock I really can’t recall much now of what she said. (I remember the word “odd” though, so that’s just about right.)

So yeah. I won the First Place in the Adult category of the 2013 Hong Kong Top Story Competition! πŸ˜€

From the SCMP (Dec 19, 2013)

From the City section of SCMP (Dec 19, 2013)

The following is a run-down of my SOMANYFEELINGS! during the award ceremony on December 18 in RTHK’s Broadcast House:

  • Reception – WHERE IS THE TOILET.
  • Opening Remarks – NERVES. AM I BREATHING TOO HARD?
  • Junior Category Winners – OK I’M GOING TO TRY TO RELAX ooh I like Second Place’s plaid shirt.
  • Jonathan Douglas’ reading of Bianca Chan’s (Junior Category’s First Place) piece – Hey, feels like a mix of The Giver and Hunger Games.
  • Adult Category Most Creative Award – OK THAT’S NOT MY NAME.
  • Adult Category Third Place – Β THAT’S NOT MY NAME EITHER.
  • Adult Category Second Place –Β NOPE. Hey wait a minute.
  • Adult Category First Place – WHAT.
  • Jonathan Douglas’ reading of my piece – TOTAL BLISS.

I’ll put up the pictures of the December 18 award ceremony my brother took with his big fancy DSLR when he’s back from his holiday in Japan. In the meantime, it’s just been sea to shining sea of excitement, and somewhere in it I seem to have lost my capability to talk about this in fully formed sentences, soΒ please let me direct you to all the linkable stuff so far:

And I’m totally looking forward to that consultation with a fiction editor from Pan Macmillan. πŸ™‚


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