This is What It Feels Like to Live in Time

…this is what it feels like to live in time. The lurching forward, the sensation of falling off a cliff into darkness, and then landing abruptly, surprised, confused, and then starting the whole process again in the next moment, doing that over and over again, falling into each instant of time and then climbing back up only to repeat the process. I almost missed this buzzing, gauzy field of vision, the periscoped consciousness, the friction and traction of being in my own life, of using it up, had almost forgotten the danger and pleasure of living in the present, the chaotic, the slapdash, yet overproduced stage-scene of each moment, assembling itself, then disbanding, each moment taking itself apart, just like that, the sets struck, each instant in time falling apart just as it is coming together.

CHARLES YU, How to Live Safely in a Science Fictional Universe


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