Maximum Volume is UP!

MAXIMUM VOLUME: Best New Filipino Fiction 2014 (eds. Dean Alfar & Angelo Lacuesta), by Anvil Publishing, has been printed and is on its way to the shelves, and my story “Little Places” is included in the anthology!


Table of Contents
  • “The Case of Two Husbands” by Heinz Lawrence Ang
  • “Posing” by Noelle Q. de Jesus
  • “The Other Woman Narrative” by Daryll Delgado
  • “Basta” by Glenn Diaz
  • “Journey Back to the Source” by Gino Dizon
  • “Man of Letters” by Marc Gaba
  • “Little Places” by Crystal Koo
  • “The Red Cup” by Francezca C. Kwe
  • “The Secret Adobo Wars” by Kate Osias
  • “My Life as a Bee” by Michelangelo Samson
  • “The Missing” by Eliza Victoria
  • “Cruising” by Isabel Yap

The official blurb goes: “Maximum Volume is about creating spaces for emerging Filipino writers and new narratives. Here is a baker’s dozen of the best contemporary writing, ranging from small personal tragedies to fantastic voyages of the imagination to our nation’s past and present.”

anvil adxRuel S. De Vera has done a really nice write-up about it in the Inquirer. The launch is on 28 February 2014 at Powerbooks in Greenbelt 4 at 6pm. (I won’t be able to make it but that authors list looks superb!)

Until the book hits the shelves, it’s available from the Anvil site for P295 each and in bookstores in Manila. Anvil has put a pretty long excerpt from my part of the book “Little Places” here. Meanwhile, I’ll leave my own little excerpt from one of my favorite parts of the story:

For the rest of the month, he fluctuates between drinking in bed till dawn and pacing the room in agitation. He thinks of every selfish, indulgent thing Lani has ever done and tunes it into high definition until it’s bright and gaudy and unanimously declaring he’s better off without her. He imagines her getting a new boyfriend and irretrievably getting her heart broken by him. Or sometimes she comes running back to Migs, a desperate ball of contrition, and he halves her open and holds her inside, in places she can’t even see.


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