Cover + TOC + Excitement for The Apex Book of World SF 3

The Apex Book of World SF 3, which reprints my short story “Waiting with Mortals,” will be out on July 8 in bookstores in North America!


The cover art is by Sophia Tuska. TOC below, and it feels fantastic to be sharing the lineup with the likes of Benjanun Sriduangkaew and Amal El-Mohtar. (Previous volumes have included heavyweights like Lauren Beukes, Zoran Živković, and Ekaterina Sedia – EXCITED TO SAY THE LEAST.)

“Courtship in the Country of Machine-Gods” – Benjanun Sriduangkaew
“A Hundred Ghosts Parade Tonight” – Xia Jia
“Act of Faith” – Fadzlishah Johanabas
“The Foreigner” – Uko Bendi Udo
“The City of Silence” – Ma Boyong
“Planetfall” – Athena Andreadis
“Jungle Fever” – Zulaikha Nurain Mudzar
“To Follow the Waves” – Amal El-Mohtar
“Ahuizotl” – Nelly Geraldine García-Rosas
“The Rare Earth” – Biram Mboob
“Spider’s Nest” – Myra Çakan
“Waiting with Mortals” – Crystal Koo
“Three Little Children” – Ange
“Brita’s Holiday Village” – Karin Tidbeck
“Regressions” – Swapna Kishore
“Dancing on the Red Planet” – Berit Ellingsen

The blurb in Goodreads (203 people are already requesting one of the two giveaway copies, woohoo!):

These stories run the gamut from science fiction, to fantasy, to horror. Some are translations (from German, Chinese, French, Spanish, and Swedish), and some were written in English. The authors herein come from Asia and Europe, Africa and Latin America. Their stories are all wondrous and wonderful, and showcase the vitality and diversity that can be found in the field. They are a conversation, by voices that should be heard. And once again, editor Lavie Tidhar and Apex Publications are tremendously grateful for the opportunity to bring them to our readers.

My bit, “Waiting with Mortals” was originally published in The World SF Blog in 2012 under the auspices of Sarah Newton as fiction editor; Short Story 365 had written a review, which I will shamelessly post here.

#46: Waiting with Mortals, by Crystal Koo

Synopsis: Ghosts and the people they let haunt them in modern-day Hong Kong.

Beautiful ghost noir, set in a pale and intimate Hong Kong, where, while waiting to cross over, ghosts possess mortals. The police call it “forced entry” even when the mortals consent. The police have their own ghost force. Ben’s relationship with the destructive and doomed J.G. is almost as compelling as his relationship with his distant, demanding father. An amazing Father’s Day read.

Online ordering of trade paperbacks and ebooks from Apex Publications can be found in the usual venues:  Amazon, B&N, Indie Bound, The Book Depository, Kindle, Nook, iBookstore, Kobo, and Weightless.

Alright, alright, alright.


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