Alex is the New Black

Last week I started watching Orange is the New Black (great analysis here why it’s revolutionary), only to be introduced to the effortlessly cool and inevitably magnetic character of Alex Vause.

alexvausesmallKhakis have never looked this good.


Ever, Jane: The MMORPG


I’m so excited, I’m almost a little afraid for it. Ever, Jane is a Kickstarted MMORPG based on England’s Regency period and (you can probably tell by this time) the works of Jane Austen. (I love how the title’s already a reference to both Regency-style sign-offs and EverQuest itself. XD)

“Gossip is our weapon of choice.   Instead of raids, we will have grand balls.   Instead of dungeons, we will have dinner parties. At the moment, we don’t have any of these.” They don’t have them yet because the game’s just gotten out of development recently and still pretty beta-ish, so I’m going to wait until the parlors have been dusted and the stables fully horsed before joining in the fray. If you want to get a feel of it, their Helpful Tips for Authentic Role-play is pretty entertaining (and already quickly discouraging text speak, but YMMV).

Now excuse me while I go learn how to be an unsavory cad. And maybe exchange 5 Wickham heads for mithril armor.

So you learn something new every day: escape games!


Karen and I were planning our trip to KL the other day when the oracle of TripAdvisor told us about Breakout, a role-playing escape game played in a physical environment. It’s in Avenue K, right across the Petronas Twin Towers (at which point we had blithely forgotten about because REAL-LIFE RPG), and apparently there are a few in Singapore as well (and that this all started in Budapest?). We hit the website and really, the only thing better than an fantastic concept is a fantastic concept that is happening RIGHT NOW. (And smacks a little of Legends of the Hidden Temple of childhood.)

Breakout is not your conventional escape game. Our outlet consists of various themed rooms with a capacity of 2 to 6 players. The rooms are carefully crafted and designed to provide players maximum mind boggling puzzles and tasks which are to be completed within 45 minutes. Each room have their very own storyline, puzzles and tasks to ensure fresh and exciting new experiences. Our objective is to provide an immersive movie-like experience and a whole new level of escapism from the hustle and bustle of Kuala Lumpur city for the young, uprising community of Malaysians seeking a new thrill in life.

Like any RPG, there are characters you can choose from that come with their own abilities and responsibilities for the puzzles: Lightbringer, Scholar, Time Bender, Oracle, LockMaster, and Merchant. Then you get your ominously-named rooms with their own storylines: The Greatest Murder of Westwood, Mr. Oswald’s Greatest Show, Chamber of Hocus, and Infinity.  And 45 minutes to solve everything and escape the room.

Consider this a public service announcement. Oh, we are so totally doing this.