I Heard a Joke

At some point, I would have to bring this up.

Is it just me, or is the Edison Chen scandal the most hilarious thing that has happened in Hong Kong for the longest time?

Mainstream Hong Kong society obviously doesn’t find any hilarity in it, though. The story has been on the papers for weeks already; it’s gotten every moralist and sociologist in this city feverish with all sorts of grave theories about it, especially since it’s a “role model” corrupting the youth.

Good grief. When was a pop star supposed to be a role model? I know from experience that Hong Kong is all been-there-done-that when it comes to the most cutting-edge business or technological advancement, but God help us, I think the city’s been living under a rock as far as any common sense about people as people is concerned. I can’t understand what all the fuss is about; everyone’s so excited about it, as if Mr. Chen has just recently become Hong Kong’s First Playboy. Shock and awe! There are such things after all.

Of course, he’s made a public statement saying that’s he’s quitting the entertainment industry for the moment and going away to find some healing. Healing from what, hey? A fitting end, and I’m glad it’s dying down. Go to Hollywood, little grasshopper, and see what the real world’s like.


I read on the paper today that a local 14-year-old girl here in Hong Kong just threw her newborn baby off from the balcony in her apartment down 20 storeys. Also am following the Colorado church shooting story.

The warping of the world is taking a turn for the worse, not so much by the quantity of it but just by its sheer nature. It’s just getting so much weirder and more surreal. From time immemorial, a poor man can break in and steal from someone else and that would be understandable – not in the sense that I would approve or tolerate it, but I would “know” the reason behind it, that it would make “sense.” The sense of throwing your newborn baby off your balcony because you don’t want it just escapes me. For frick’s sake, of course you’re going to be found out; the space outside your balcony is not a black hole and there is going to be a visible corpse at some point and it would have gone splat. Very discreet, girl – you sure you don’t want to check the screws keeping your head on your shoulders? Some people like keeping their lunches in their stomach where they belong, you know.

A colleague of mine was telling me that she told her students if they ever pulled a stunt like that, she would personally hunt them down. (Strangely, it’s less the immorality and more of the stupidity that disgusts me about it.)

Well, you could crank up some ’80s new wave music and wonder, weren’t things less twisted back then. I wouldn’t know, I was still in diapers then. Theoretically was the past really much “better” or is the throw-back to all things golden and fuzzy just nostalgia for a time where much bliss simply came from ignorance? Is technology’s capability to make us more painfully aware of what a dump the world is make it worse than before? Or has it always been this bad anyway?

*munches on thought. which doesn’t make the world any better, actually*


The Digest of Philippine Genre Stories, the local fiction magazine that published my short story, is coming out with Issue 3. It should be out by end of next month or early the month after. More info here.

On a related note, I’ll be speaking in a 4-hour seminar in the Immaculate Conception Academy, as requested by Kenneth, the editor of PGS. The seminar is on August 18, 8AM – 12PM, and I’ll be speaking and doing workshops on literature and creative writing.

Keeping 30 high school students awake for four hours is going to be quite a challenge. I don’t even last that long in seminars.